Manage My UI Benefits

Request a Payment

To receive payments every week, you need:

  • Your 2-digit Benefit Year Ending (BYE) - don't remember? See your UI Online (formerly Teleserve) mailing.
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your PIN - don't have one yet?

Create PIN

UI Online is available 24/7

Three easy steps to begin receiving payments:

1. Create a PIN

Log into UI Online during the dates specified in your UI Online/Telecert mailing. Do not try to log in before these dates, as you will be unable to access the system.

Tip - Make sure to read your Benefit Rights

2. Certify Weekly

You must certify for payments by logging in to UI Online once EVERY WEEK to collect benefits. If you miss a week, you will be unable to use UI Online and will need to call the Call Center at (401) 415-6772.

Tip - You do not need to certify on a specific day of the week.

3. Receive Payments

Payments are generally deposited 48 hours after you certify.

Tip - By law, the first 7 days of a new claim must be unpaid. Please do not be concerned when you do not receive a payment within the first 7 days.

(Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)

UI Online

Telecert is available by phone at (401) 415-6772

Work Search Requirements

What you need to do to receive benefits:

Apply for 3 full-time jobs per week.

Keep a written record of all weekly application and interviews.

Each entry must include:

  • Name and address of the company
  • Date you applied for work
  • How you applied for work: in person, mailed résumé, online, etc.
  • Specific position and shift you applied for

**Save all confirmation emails or documentation to prove your work search**

Simplify this process by using our work search log. You can save this document to your computer and print it for your records.

Don’t Forget To Update Your Resume!

One of the easiest actions you can take is to post your resume on several job sites to increase your chances of finding your next job opportunity. Instructions on how to register, create, post, or update a resume are found on the website at

Returning To Work

Everyone who is eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance Benefits receives 2 mailings after the initial application. The second mailing consists of a Return to Work Form.

The Return to Work Form is to be mailed to the Unemployment Insurance Service Center when a claimant returns to work full time. This form notifies the department of the start date, employer name and address where the claimant began working. It also provides a written request for any outstanding benefits to which the claimant may be entitled. The form can be mailed to:

RI Dept. of Labor and Training
Unemployment Insurance Division
PO Box 20340
Cranston, RI 02920-0943

If you return to work part time and are earning less than your benefit rate, please continue to use UI Online weekly to claim partial benefits. If you become totally unemployed you will need to file a claim over the internet or by calling 401-415-6772.