Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety protects the public and private sector by enforcing health and safety standards and by educating the public regarding these standards. The unit is comprised of four separate areas of expertise—Boilers, Elevators, Right to Know and Weights & Measures.

Elevator Section

Elevator mechanic

The Elevator Section ensures that elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, wheelchair lifts, material lifts, conveyors and related devices are inspected annually for safety and issues a certificate of operation.

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Boiler Section

Boiler mechanic

The Boiler Section inspects and certifies that all high- and low-pressure boilers and unfired pressure vessels, storage tanks, expansion tanks, steam kettles, and deaerators are functioning in a safe manner in commercial establishments and public buildings.

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Right-to-Know Section

Bio-hazard sign

The Right-to-Know Section educates and trains employers and employees where hazardous substances being used, stored or transported. The priority of conducting an inspection is to effectively ensure that the maximum feasible protection is provided to the workers of this state.

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Weights and Measures Section

gas pump

The Weights and Measures Section certifies sealers to perform inspections to ensure the calibration of all measuring devices used by RI businesses. This includes certifying scales used for retail and wholesale purposes, certifying gasoline measuring devices to prevent fraud, and deception and the licensing of oil dealers.

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