Partial Benefits With Part-Time Work

Unemployment claimants can earn more and keep more of your benefits while working part-time.

You can now earn up to 150% of your weekly benefit rate and still receive a partial benefit. For example, that means if your weekly benefit amount is $100, you can earn up to $149 working part time. You can also earn up to 50% of your weekly benefit rate before any earnings are subtracted from your benefits.

Claimants are required to report any and all earnings each week when you certify. Any earnings above 50% of your benefit rate will be subtracted from your unemployment benefit, but by working part-time you can still take home more than you would on unemployment alone.

You can use this calculator to estimate how much you can earn while still receiving partial benefits.

Partial Benefits Calculator

Weekly Benefit Amount
Weekly Wages (before taxes)

Weekly UI Payment


This calculator is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent a determination of your benefit for any week nor does it guarantee any benefit rate for any week.