Education Unit

New Compensation Formula

Effective January 1st 2022 for new injuries, intermediate spendable base wage (SBW) calculations will be discontinued; the compensation rate will equal 62% of the claimant’s average weekly wage. Please see Information Letter 21-04 for additional information. The Education Unit has also produced a video webinar with step-by-step guidance below.

The Workers’ Compensation Education Unit keeps employers and employees informed about workplace safety and workers’ compensation benefits and procedures. Services extend to insurers, medical providers, attorneys, labor representatives, and other State and Federal agencies.

What services does the Education Unit provide?

Information Line: Call (401) 462-8100 for workers' compensation. A Spanish interpreter is available from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Information is also available by email at

The Workers' Compensation Education Unit develops and coordinates free statewide health and safety conferences, workshops and seminars. Previous workshops and seminars sponsored by the Education Unit include but are not limited to

  • Effective Claims Management
  • Physician's Office Staff
  • Claims Forms Workshop
  • Medical Confidentiality

Packets are available for past workshops and seminars.

Services are provided at no charge and encompass a broad range of health and safety issues, including:

  • Training and coordinating with employers and employees to develop health and safety committees
  • Providing on-site supervisor training
  • Claims management

Claims Management - If an injury or illness occurs, the Education Unit will assist the employer in proper claims management:

  • To implement and assist in the design of various reporting forms and procedures
  • To ensure compliance with rules and regulations of the Workers' Compensation Act
  • To coordinate workers' compensation claims management for employers
  • To plan and present case management workshops on a regular basis
  • To plan, promote and present seminars statewide to address pertinent workers' compensation issues
  • To participate in discussions of workers' compensation issues with labor and management personnel
  • Speak at functions for unions, Chambers of Commerce and professional associations
  • Participate in business expositions

Claims Training:

  • What forms are required? The Claim Filing Instructions document outlines the requirements for first reports and legal documents and provides brief information on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions.
  • Claim Reporting Requirements is a comprehensive training presentation covering RI workers’ compensation claim requirements.
  • The Education Unit conducts training on claim reporting using the RIDLT Claim Reporting presentation. Please contact the Education Unit at or (401) 462-8100.
  • Instructions for individual forms are available following each form on Claim Forms.

EDI Training:

  • RI Dept. of Labor and Training (RI DLT) Claim Event Guide document explains the basics of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and legal document requirements for Rhode Island.
  • is a more comprehensive presentation on EDI.
  • RI DLT receives EDI information. Each claim administrator sending transactions uses different software to generate EDI transactions. For questions about how to operate the software you use, contact your technical support. RIDLT can provide information on what should be reported in an EDI transaction, but we can’t help you with your software.

Visit the following government agencies for more information on workplace health and safety.