1099-G Tax Information

Unemployment insurance payments are taxable income. For all unemployment claimants that received benefits in 2021, the 1099-G form is now available to download on the DLT website. This will also be mailed to claimants.

The form will show the amount of unemployment compensation you received during 2021, and any federal and state income tax withheld. Taxpayers report this information, along with your W-2 income, on your 2021 federal tax return.

If you have trouble downloading your 1099-G from the website, ensure that popups are not blocked, and try again.

Click here to download your 1099-G form


If you have trouble downloading your 1099-G from the website, ensure that popups are not blocked, and try again. Please also note that all claimants who collected unemployment insurance benefits in 2020 will automatically receive a 1099-G tax form in the mail at the address we have on file. There is no need to contact the call center. Please note: If you received unemployment benefits in 2020 from a state other than Rhode Island, you will need to contact that state’s Labor department or unemployment office for your 1099-G.

The amount in line 1, Unemployment Compensation, reflects the total amount of unemployment benefits. If you chose to have taxes withheld, the amount of taxes withheld is in line 4 and line 11. Please double check whether you are factoring in the taxes withheld when comparing the 1099-G form with your bank records.

The 1099-G also includes all federal and state unemployment boosts, which are also taxable income; the extra $600/week, the extra $300/week, and the extra $200/week are all included in this amount.

If you still believe the 1099-G does not reflect the correct amount, you may call the UI Call Center at (401) 415-6772 to confirm the information and request a corrected 1099-G.

If you are unable to download your 1099-G, please ensure that your popup blockers are turned off, and try again. If you are still unable to download your 1099-G, and have not received one in the mail, please contact the UI Call Center at (401) 415-6772.

UI Fraud Information

DLT is making every effort to ensure that victims of confirmed UI fraud will not receive a 1099-G form for unemployment benefits paid on a fraudulent claim.

If you receive Form 1099-G from the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training for unemployment benefits you did not file for or receive, please contact the UI Call Center at (401) 415-6772. You will not be held responsible for paying taxes on benefits that were fraudulently received using your identity.

Any other suspected fraudulent letters should be reported only to the Rhode Island State Police here.

Taxpayers do not need to file a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, with the IRS regarding an incorrect Form 1099-G. The identity theft affidavit should be filed only if the taxpayer’s e-filed return is rejected because a return using the same Social Security number already has been filed. Additional guidance from the IRS is available here.

Please click here for more information on UI fraud, including additional steps you should take to secure your identity.