Unemployment Insurance Fraud

To report any other type of Unemployment Insurance fraud please contact the UI/TDI Fraud Unit below:


Phone: (401) 462-1522

Email:  dlt.uitdifraud@dlt.ri.gov

Fax: (401) 462-8474

Mail: RI Department of Labor and Training UI/TDI Fraud Unit, 1511 Pontiac Ave. Cranston, RI 02920

Fraud Unit Investigators require the following information in order to pursue a tip:

  • First and last names of those allegedly committing fraud, along with physical descriptions
  • Place of employment (name and location)

Additionally, the following information is helpful but not required:

  • Social Security numbers of those allegedly committing fraud
  • Description of vehicles involved, if applicable

Anyone may report alleged fraud anonymously. However, please know that if you choose to provide your contact information, it will remain strictly confidential.

Examples of UI Fraud

Below are other types of UI fraud that are considered abuse. To avoid committing these types of fraud, please ensure that you are accurate and honest in all information you provide to the Department.

Common types of Claimant Fraud:

  • Reported they looked for work when they didn’t
  • Claimed to be available for work when they were not (i.e. on vacation, injured, etc.)
  • Inaccurately reporting hours and/or earnings
  • Is also receiving workers’ compensation
  • Working while collecting benefits and not reporting earnings or hours worked
  • Is falsifying or knowingly failing to disclose required information
  • Is not reporting cash wages earned
  • Is not reporting payments from a former employer (i.e. “back pay for banked hours” or pension/retirement payments)
  • Committing identity theft by using another person’s identity to file a claim for benefits

Common types of Employer Fraud:

  • Aiding someone in filing a fraudulent claim
  • Coercing, persuading, or inducing an employee to file a false claim
  • Providing false information regarding a worker’s separation from employment
  • Failing to report a separation from work by an employee
  • Falsifying or knowingly failing to provide accurate information
  • Misclassifying an employee and the work performed (i.e. labeling the employee as an Independent Contractor (IC) when the employee does not have an IC Exemption Certificate)
  • Employer has employees but is not reporting those employees to UI
  • Not reporting wages earned by an employee, or under reporting an employee’s wages