Fact-Finding Questionnaires (adjudication)

The Department has developed fact finding questionnaires for claimants and employers to expedite the telephone interview with the Central Adjudication Unit. Questionnaires are broken into several categories based on topic. Your adjudication appointment letter may indicate the circumstances that apply to the issue being addressed.

Please complete and return the questionnaire that best fits your situation. You may email the questionnaire as an attachment to DLT.CAUinterview@dlt.ri.gov or fax to (401) 462-8318 within 48 hours before the date of your telephone interview or as soon as possible.

If you do not wish to provide a statement, please complete the Decline to Provide a Statement Form. Please note if you decline to provide a statement, the Department will render a decision based only upon the facts present at the time the determination is made and the department will not contact you for a statement.

For Claimants

For Employers