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Prevailing Wage refers to the requirements of the Rhode Island General Law 37-13 and the general prevailing rate of pay for regular, holiday and overtime wages to be paid to each craftsmen, mechanic, teamster, laborer or other type of worker performing work on public works projects when state or municipal funds are used in excess of $1,000. Contractors must refer to the applicable Davis Bacon Wage Determination rate schedule found online at the U.S. System for Award Management (SAM) to determine the prevailing wage rates for a public works construction project. The prevailing wage rates to be applied are those that are effective as of the date of the awarding of the contract to the general contractor. Contractors must also adjust employees' hourly wage rates (if applicable) every July 1st in accordance with any updated Davis Bacon Wage Determination rates.

The Prevailing Wage Section has been actively conducting compliance investigations on Prevailing Wage projects as well as through various Awarding Authorities throughout the state. Any violation of RIGL 37-13-13 of Certified Weekly Payroll Forms and Daily Logs will result in the department imposing a penalty on the contractor of a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100) for each calendar day of noncompliance.

Every contractor/subcontractor awarded a contract for public works shall submit completed RI Certified Weekly Payroll forms listing all employees working on the job-site to the awarding authority on a monthly basis for all work completed in the preceding month. Substituting this form with company payroll forms, or other state or federal forms is not acceptable. Certified Payroll forms concerning RI Dept. of Transportation funded projects may be submitted on federal forms, but if a complaint is being investigated by the RI Dept. of Labor and Training (DLT), the contractor must resubmit the payroll information on the RI Certified Weekly Payroll forms for the entire project. Awarding authorities, contractors and subcontractors shall provide all payroll records to the DLT within 10 days of any request made by the department.

On a daily basis, every contractor and subcontractor shall maintain on the site where public works are being constructed and the general or primary contract is $1,000,000 or more, a Rhode Island Certified Prevailing Wage Daily log of employees working each day on that public works project by the contractor and/or subcontractor. This log shall be available for inspection on the site at all times by the awarding authority and/or the DLT. This does not apply to road, highway, or bridge public works projects.

The awarding authority of any public works project shall withhold the next scheduled payment to any contractor or subcontractor who fails to comply with the above provisions, as well as any further payments until they comply. The DLT may also impose a penalty of up to $500 for each calendar day of noncompliance.

State of Rhode Island Debarment List Pursuant to Section 37-13-14.1

Please be advised that the following contractors have been debarred in accordance with Section 37-13-14.1 of the Rhode Island General Laws:

Any person, firm or corporation found to have violated the provisions of RIGL 37-13 et al. shall be ineligible to bid on or be awarded work by an awarding authority or perform work during the period of debarment.

Any person, firm or corporation found to have violated the provisions of RIGL 37-13 et al. shall be ineligible to bid on or be awarded work by an awarding authority or perform work during the period of debarment.


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