Employment & Wages by Industry (QCEW)

Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages

This collaboration with the BLS provides monthly employment and quarterly wage data by industry, location and size of employer. The QCEW program derives its data from the quarterly tax reports submitted by employers subject to Rhode Island’s Unemployment Insurance law. This information is supplemented with data collected from government agencies and businesses with multiple locations.

National Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages

Statewide Employment

Quarterly Statewide Employment & Wage Tables

Employment & Wage Data Analysis (Narrative), Statewide, Annual Over-the-Year Comparisons

Employment and Wage Tables - Annual

Three-digit NAICS Industry

Four-digit NAICS Industry

City, Town & County Employment

Employment & Wage Data by City, Town & County, Quarterly and Annual

Business Employment Dynamics (BED)

BED is a quarterly series of gross job gains and gross job losses statistics for the entire economy. Gross job gains and gross job losses reveal some aspects of business dynamics, including establishment openings and closings and establishment expansions and contractions. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics generates this data from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages program. Data is provided for all States from 1992 forward.

Data is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the following sites:

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