Appeal a Decision

If you disagree with a decision of the Department, you can appeal it. Appeals should be made within 15 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) of the mail date on your decision. Once your appeal is received, you will receive further instructions by mail.

If you do appeal, you must continue to use UI Online/Telecert weekly to certify for payments while your appeal is pending if you are totally or partially unemployed. If you win your appeal and you have not certified for payments, you may experience a delay or denial of payments during the weeks you failed to certify. If you do not appeal, the decision is final.

Appeal Online

If you want to appeal your decision online, you can do so using UI Online. First, log into your UI Online account (or create an account if you haven't set one up yet). Then, on the home page, click the menu icon in the top left corner. Click "Appeal a Decision" and complete the form to submit your appeal.

A screenshot of the UI Online homepage with an arrow pointing to the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
A screenshot of the UI Online menu with an arrow pointing to "Appeal a Decision"
Appeal a Decision Online

Appeal by Mail or Fax

You can also submit your appeal via mail or fax. In your appeal, please provide your name, social security number, address, case number you are appealing and reason for appeal.

Mailing Address

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