Pay Equity Act

Self-Evaluation Form

Employers seeking to undertake a self-evaluation for purposes of asserting an affirmative defense to claims brought pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws § 28-6-18 must ensure that the self-evaluation is performed with due diligence and is reasonable in scope and detail based on their own individual circumstances. The definition of due diligence will likely differ for a small business with few categories of jobs and a larger or more operationally complex organization. Employers’ self-evaluations may be of their own design, or they can utilize the form made available on the Department of Labor and Training website.

The draft of the form is available below. In addition, the Department is providing steps that employers should consider undertaking as part of a self-evaluation. The nature of the analysis required will vary significantly depending on the size, makeup, and resources of each employer. The steps outlined below are intended only as general guidelines and use thereof is not dispositive proof of the due diligence or sufficiency of any self-evaluation.

The Department welcomes comment on the form and self-evaluation guidance. Comments regarding the form and/or self-evaluation guidance can be submitted to