Minimum Wage


Minimum wage in Rhode Island as of 1/1/2024

Per RI General Law §28-12, the minimum wage is set to increase to the following in the upcoming years.

  • Commencing January 1, 2023: $13.00 per hour
  • Commencing January 1, 2024: $14.00 per hour
  • Commencing January 1, 2025: $15.00 per hour


Full-time students under 19 years of age working in nonprofit religious, educational, librarial, or community service organizations: As of 1/1/2022 — $11.70 (90% of applicable minimum)

14 and 15-year-olds who do not work more than 24 hours in a week: For any week in which a 14 or 15-year-old works more than 24 hours, the higher applicable minimum rate must be paid for all hours worked in that week. As of 1/1/2022 — $9.75 per hour (75% of applicable minimum).

Workers employed in domestic service in or about a private home, federal service, voluntary service in educational, charitable, religious or nonprofit organizations where employer/employee relationships do not exist, such as newspaper carriers on home delivery, shoe shine persons, caddies on golf courses, ushers in theaters, traveling or outside sales occupations.

Service performed by an individual employed by a son or daughter or a minor child employed by the parent.

Occupations in resort establishments serving meals to the general public that are not open more than 6 months during the year-between May 1 and October 1 only - and any individual employed by an organized camp having a structured program, including but not limited to, recreation, education and religion or any combination thereof. Such an individual must not be employed by the organization on an annual full-time basis and such a camp must not operate for more than 7 months in any calendar year. This exemption does not apply to employees of trailer camps. (RI General Law 28-12)

Employees receiving gratuities: As of Jan. 1, 2017, allowance for gratuities as part of the hourly wage rate for restaurants, hotels, and other industries except taxicabs and limited public motor vehicles shall be an amount equal to the applicable minimum rates as provided by §§ 28-12-3 and 28-12-3.1 less $3.89 per hour.

For more information, please see RI General Law §28-12.


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