Burglar & Hold-Up Alarm Licensing

“Alarm agent" means any individual employed within this state by an alarm business, whose duties include the altering, installing, maintaining, moving, repairing, replacing, selling or servicing of an alarm system or responding to or causing others to respond to an alarm system.

"Alarm business" means and includes any business, both resident and non-resident, engaged in the installation, maintenance, alteration, repair, replacement, or servicing of alarm systems or which responds to or causes others to respond to those alarm systems at a protected premises within this state.

"Alarm system" means an assembly of equipment and devices (or a single device such as a solid state unit which plugs directly into a 110-volt AC line) designed to detect and signal an unauthorized intrusion into premises or to signal an attempted robbery at premises and with respect to that signal police or private guards are expected to respond.

Fire alarm systems and alarm systems which monitor temperature, humidity or any other condition and closed circuit television systems are excluded from the provisions of this chapter. For these types of systems, an electrical or telecommunication will be required.

Safety Awareness Board

Joseph Sabitoni, Chair

Eric Anderson

Timothy Byrne

Robin Coia

William Coulombe

Nicholas Giardino

James Jackson

Edgar Ladouceur

Joseph Sabitoni

Bernard Treml Jr


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