When an individual applies for unemployment, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division sends a Notice of Claim Filed form to the recent employers. Employers are required to return this form within 10 business days in order to have standing to contest any determination with respect to the individual’s claim.

Employer Charges

To be eligible for UI benefits, an individual must have been paid at least $13,800 in either the base period or an alternate base period. If they did not earn this amount, they may be eligible if they meet all of the following conditions:

  • They were paid at least $2,300 in one of the base period quarters, and
  • They were paid total base period taxable wages of at least one and one-half times their highest single quarter earnings, and
  • They were paid total base period taxable wages of at least $4,600.

The chargeable employer is the most recent base period employer for whom the claimant was separated and had worked at least 4 weeks and earned at least $230 each week.

The duration of a claim is equal to 33% of the total base period wages divided by the basic weekly benefit amount. Click here for additional information on the calculation of the weekly benefit amount as this is subject to change. The most individuals are allowed to collect of regular unemployment benefits is an amount equal to 26 full weeks. Individuals may claim these weeks any time they are unemployed during the benefit year.

UI / TDI Quick Reference

Protest Benefits

Note: If you have already filed an appeal on a decision rendered by the director, you DO NOT need to protest benefit charges using this application.

For more information, including definitions, visit SECTION 28-43-1 of the RI General Assembly website.