Register your Program

Before you start, which of these best describes you?

A. Looking to adopt an established program model?

  • Fill out the Sponsor Information Sheet below
  • Make an appointment with your Apprenticeship Training Representative

B. Out of state sponsor seeking to register apprentices in Rhode Island?

  • You may be able to fill out the reciprocals form below rather than register your program in Rhode Island.

C. Creating an apprenticeship in a new occupation or significantly customizing your program?

Registration Checklist

  • Applicant has spoken to an Apprenticeship Training Representative. Please collect the information in the Sponsor Information Sheet below and schedule an appointment.
  • Program standards are completed and have been signed by the applicant.
    • Multi-employer programs must include a signed participating employer agreement
    • Standards must include an Affirmative Action Plan and Selection Procedures if the program has more than 5 apprentices.
  • Programs in licensed trades must submit a photocopy of Master's License and Photo ID.

Additional Forms and Publications