Spendable Base Wage

Effective January 1st 2022 for new injuries, intermediate spendable base wage (SBW) calculations will be discontinued; the compensation rate will equal 62% of the claimant’s average weekly wage. This change applies to both (a.) new injuries occurring on or after January 1st 2022, and (b.) post-2021 recurrences of previous injuries where the claimant returned to work for an intermediate period of 26 or more weeks. All ongoing, pre-2022 claims will continue to use the spendable base wage formula established for the relevant base year. For pre-2022 injuries where it applies, a worker's base weekly compensation rate is calculated as seventy-five percent (75%) of the worker's spendable earnings or spendable base wage capped at a maximum weekly rate. Spendable base wage approximates a worker's earnings less withholdings. Withholding amounts take into account the maximum number of personal exemptions allowed to the employee, not the employee's actual net earnings.

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The Division of Workers' Compensation publishes information annually on spendable base wage calculations. The worker's date of incapacity determines which set of calculations to use.

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