Report Policy Information

Insurance carriers are required to electronically report the start of, end of, and any changes to each workers' compensation policy in Rhode Island. Paper filings are not accepted. Notice of the issuance of a policy or reinstatement of a policy must be made within 5 days of the effective date. Cancellations or non-renewals must be reported immediately and are not effective until received by the Department. Carriers that fail to report as required are subject to a penalty of $250 per transaction.

Insurance carriers are required to report policy information electronically to the Department's designated agent.

Carriers should contact NCCI at  800-NCCI-123 (800-622-4123) or with questions regarding electronic reporting.

Reporting Rhode Island Unemployment Number (UI Number).

The RI UI Number (also known as the ERN) is required when reporting policy information. If the UI Number is not available, use these default codes

  • Not available - When the insurer cannot get the UI Number for an established employer, use the default code "0000000001". Coverage may not be denied if an agent or employer fails to provide the UI Number.

  • New employer - The UI Number is issued by the RI Division of Taxation after the employer has payroll. For new employers waiting for assignment of a UI Number, use code "0000000002".

  • Exempt employer - For employers exempt per RIGL Section 28-42-8 that are not eligible for a UI Number, use code "0000000003".

  • "If any policy" - Employers without employees in RI are not eligible for a UI Number. Use code "0000000004".

  • Exposure without payroll - For an employer with RI exposure and without RI payroll, use code "0000000004".