RIDLT Releases Solicitation for Community Engagement Partners

Published on Thursday, December 01, 2022

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RIDLT) invites applications from qualified community-based organizations to advise the RIDLT on culturally- and linguistically-appropriate programming and to engage in general education and outreach to better serve historically marginalized populations and populations with barriers to employment. The Department has made available up to $500,000 for this initiative. 

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted long-standing systemic issues of economic inequity. Though Black and Hispanic workers made up 5.9% and 11.6% of covered employment respectively, they filed 34.4% and 36.6% of initial claims in 2020. Even as unemployment rates drop to historic lows, these inequities persist. Looking beyond unemployment, recent US Census Bureau data demonstrates that the median income of white families in RI was nearly double that of Black and Hispanic families. Other vulnerable communities, often intersecting with communities of color, also face barriers and discrimination when it comes to finding and maintaining employment.

Though we continue to make strides in addressing these issues, we will only be able to close these employment gaps through targeted, culturally- and linguistically-appropriate outreach to historically marginalized communities, and intentional changes to the way we provide services. The RIDLT seeks applicants who will help us achieve these goals.

Applications are due Friday, January 27th. More information, including the Solicitation and application documents, are available at https://dlt.ri.gov/office-community-engagement.