Disaster Unemployment Assistance Made Available to Eligible Individuals Impacted by the 01/09/24 – 01/13/24 Severe Storm in Rhode Island

Published on Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Kent, Providence, and Washington Counties – Today, Governor McKee announces a second notice that the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training will facilitate the payment of Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits on behalf of FEMA, for a different time period. For individuals who worked or lived in Kent, Providence, and/or Washington Counties and experienced a loss of employment or self-employment as a direct result of the January 9th -13th, 2024 severe storm that brought flooding to Rhode Island.

Individuals seeking assistance through the DUA program must first file for regular unemployment benefits. As part of the application process, claimants should indicate that their employment was impacted by the storm. The Department of Labor will determine if the claimant is eligible for regular unemployment first, as required by FEMA. If the claimant is deemed ineligible for regular unemployment insurance, the DUA application will be processed and reviewed. Eligible Rhode Islanders can collect benefits for the weeks during which they meet the necessary program criteria.

  • To qualify for DUA benefits, individuals must have experienced loss of employment directly connected to the disaster.
  • The work location has been closed, damaged, or destroyed because of the major disaster.
  • The work location is not accessible due to road closures or transportation issues directly resulting from the disaster.
  • The employer or business is experiencing a lack of work or loss of income because the majority of its business came from an entity that was damaged, destroyed, or closed in response to the disaster.
  • Work is available but the individual has been injured and can no longer work as a direct result of the disaster.
  • Work was scheduled to begin, but work is no longer available because of disaster-related reasons listed above.
  • The household breadwinner/major financial supporter has died as a direct result of the disaster.

To apply for DUA benefits, visit Rhode Island’s Unemployment Insurance claims filing website, UIOnline - https://beta.uionline.dlt.ri.gov. Create an account and choose the “file a claim” option. If an application for DUA benefits is received, those individuals should expect to be contacted by a department representative who may ask follow-up questions and require proof of wages and/or employment. Any individuals unable to file a claim online may call the Department at 401-415-6772. Applications for DUA benefits will be accepted through May 31, 2024. Eligible individuals may be entitled to a maximum of 36 weeks of benefits.

Visit dlt.ri.gov for additional information on DUA benefits or visit FEMA.gov for additional benefits and assistance that may be available.