Frequently Asked Questions About the Wage Reporting Changes

The additional information is needed to certify eligibility for the biotechnology investment tax credit in accordance with Section 44-31-1.1 of the RI General Laws.

YES, any number of hours worked in a week is considered to be a week worked.

Include weeks paid for vacation or holiday leave, jury duty, severance or other personal leave but not sick leave.

Salaried employees should be reported as having been paid for the number of hours that exist in a normal work week for that particular company.

The number of hours or weeks paid for an employee who earns only commissions should be estimated.

The payroll company should leave that space blank.

The payroll company should estimate the missing number of hours.

The hours and weeks paid that are reported on a quarterly report should be directly related to the wages paid that are included on that report.

Only whole numbers should be reported. Any part of a week should be counted as a whole week and any part of an hour should be rounded to the nearest whole hour.