Paralegal Studies

Roger Williams University

1 Empire Street, Providence, RI 2903

Description:This is a 31 credit program that prepares individuals to perform research, drafting, investigatory, record-keeping and related administrative functions under the supervision of an attorney. The program goal is to teach paralegal students substantive and procedural law with the objective of preparing them to complete any paralegal assignment in a competent, professional, and ethical manner. Must have Bachelors degree or equivalent law experience. Approved by ABA. This program is Pell Grant Eligible. For more information you may contact Pamela Pereira at: Phone: 401-254-3582, Email Website Books are not included in the tuition cost and are the responsibility of the student. Approximate out of pocket expense: $1,375 Books

Cost: $13623

Duration: 495 Hours

Phone: 401-254-3582

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: An industry-recognized certificate or certification