Nurse Paralegal

Roger Williams University

1 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903

Description:This program is open to registered nurses who have previously earned 60 hours of credit or a baccalaureate or associate degree, and who have at least 4000 hours of nursing experience. Ten courses are required for the certificate. This is a 30 credit program that prepares registered nurses to perform legal tasks or apply nursing knowledge to legal matters. Approved by ABA. Course outline includes: Required Courses PLS 100 Intro to Law and Legal Studies, PLS 210, 211 Legal Research and Writing I, II, PLS 235 Torts, PLS 236 Medical and Legal Malpractice, PLS 310, 311 Litigation I, II, S&HS 413 Moral & Ethical Issues in Healthcare, S&HS 415 Healthcare Administration I, and one of the following:PLS 250 Workers’ Compensation, HCA 416 Healthcare Administration II. This program is not Pell Grant Eligible. For more information you may contact Pamela Pereira at: Phone: 401-254-3582, Email Website Billing Invoices to be submitted to Brenda Coffey at Books are not included in the tuition cost and are the responsibility of the student. Approximate out of pocket expense: $1250 Books

Cost: $13190

Duration: 450 Hours

Phone: 401-254-3582

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: Employment