Marine Service Technician

Motoring Technical Training Institute

54 Water Street , East Providence, RI 2914

Description:30 week / 918 hour Diploma Program. Students receiving career center funding and a full Pell grant (if they qualify), will have a monthly payment of approximately $50.00, beginning six months after graduation. A 7th grade reading and math level is required. Marine Maintenance and Ship Repairer. An instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair outboard and inboard engines test, maintain, and repair steering devices and electrical systems repair metal, wood, and fiberglass hulls and vessel components fabricate and maintain sails and repair and balance propellers and drive shafts. Students participate in a 60 hour internship (often results in a job offer). For more information contact Anya Wisener at 508-336-6611, fax 508-336-8887, email at or visit their website at

Cost: $16800

Duration: 30 Weeks

Phone: 508-336-6611

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: An industry-recognized certificate or certification