Heavy Straight Truck Training Program

New England Tractor Trailer Training School

600 Moshassuck Valley Ind Highway, Pawtucket, RI 2860

Description:To offer an individual with no or very limited experience and/or training an opportunity to qualify for a Commercial Heavy Straight Truck Driver License. To offer an individual an opportunity to qualify as an entry level heavy straight truck operator. To supply the transportation industry and general business, at an entry level position, qualified job application. This is not a Pell Grant eligible program. A physical, drug test, and license is required to enter the program. A HS/GED and SLE test is required as well. This program is 2 weeks Monday to Friday 7am to 3:30pm or Saturday and Sunday 7am to 5:30pm for 4 weekends. For more information contact Joseph Lima at 401-725-1220, Fax 401-724-1340, Email at jlima@nettts.com or visit their website at www.nettts.com.

Cost: $3870

Duration: 80 Hours

Phone: 401-725-1220

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: A license recognized by the State involved or the Federal Government