Culinary Education Program

Amos House

460 Pine Street, Providence, RI 2907

Description:The ACE program is a 16-week culinary training program that provides vocational training in food safety and sanitation, basic nutritional science, recipes and menu development, tools and equipment, knife skills, kitchen management, food preparation, storage and handling, measurement and conversion, customer service, and the history and diversity of food preparation. Students receive real-world experience through practicum rotations and internships. Students obtain Servsafe, TIPS, Guest Service Gold, and CPR/First Aid. In addition to vocational skills, students receive education in work-readiness, math and literacy, life skills, and financial literacy through weekly classes and indiviual coaching sessions. Graduates receive ongoing support with job placement, retention, career advancement, and financial coaching. For more information you may contact Pamela Robinson-Jones at: Phone 401-272-0220 x 223, Website:

Cost: $5500

Duration: 16 Weeks

Phone: 401-272-0220

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: Employment