Computer Services Technician / Network Installer

Motoring Technical Training Institute

1241 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk , MA 2771

Description:30 week / 900 hour Diploma Program. Students receiving career center funding and a full Pell grant (if they qualify), will have a monthly payment plan of approximately $50.00, beginning six months after graduation. Through a combination of classroom and hands-on training, students will be trained as entry-level Computer Service Technicians, Desktop Support Technicians and Network Installers. Graduates will be capable of repairing and servicing computer systems and will gain skills in varied areas including: PC Assembly,Configuration and Management, PC System Troubleshooting,Computer Network Setup and Administration,Build to keep Computer: Intel i series Core System & Monitor. With the rapid growth of computers and networked systems used for home convenience or business, an entire support industry of servicing and repairing such equipment has arisen and expanded. Students are trained to work supporting PC's and networks for a variety of employers, in both hands-on and help desk environments. Students participate in a 120 internship (often results in a job offer). Graduates will keep their personal computer built during the program upon acceptance of training-related employment. Placement services provided and financial aid is available for those that qualify. A 7th grade reading and math level is required. For more information contact Cheryl Lanagan at 508-336-6611, fax 508-336-8887, email at or visit their website at

Cost: $16200

Duration: 900 Hours

Phone: 508-336-6611

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: An industry-recognized certificate or certification, A measurable skills gain leading to a credential