Certified Nursing Assistant


175 Metro Center Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886

Description:The CNA program is a 10 week program offered both day and night for 12 hours a week. The program covers all aspects of nursing assistant care including legal issues, scope of practice, and job duties; Physical assessment skills include vital signs (such as blood pressure, pulse, respirations, temperature, height/weight, intake/output); personal care (i.e. bathing, grooming, feeding, dressing); room care (i.e. bedmaking, infection control, preventing/mitigating hazards); assisting with movement & exercise; assisting nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals; and communicating with patients, families, and medical personal. Included in the didactic portion is laboratory practice using manikins and live human ‘patients. Week 10: 25 hr internship at a LTC facility supervised by a program instructor. Includes 12 hr Job Readiness Training to prepare Trainees for the work force! Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are eligible to take the National Nurse’s Aide Assessment Program Examination offered through the RI Department of Health that is composed of a written and clinical portion. Remedial services are offered if needed. Addtional time may be given for successful course completion. For more information regarding this program you may contact William Howe at: Phone 401-773-7716 or Email admissions@911programs.com, website www.911programs.com.

Cost: $1464

Duration: 10 Weeks

Phone: 401-773-7716

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: A license recognized by the State involved or the Federal Government