CDL Refresher

International CDL

2227 Plainfield Pike , Johnston, RI 2919

Description:Commercial Driver's License 20 hour refresher program. Students will be reintroduced to all state required maneuvers as well as highway and city driving. This is not a Pell Grant eligible program. A physical, Drug Test and License is required to enter the program. A 40 hour refresher course consist of 40 hours of training. Students can choose their own hours with no maximum number of hours per week, hours will not exceed 5 weeks. For more information contact John Kinnel at 401-659-6180, Fax 401-943-2535, email at or visit their website at

Cost: $3000

Duration: 40 Hours

Phone: 401-659-6180

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: Employment