Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerk Training Program

Rhode Island College Outreach Programs

600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908

Description:This is a twenty-four week bookkeeping and accounting clerk program. The training program is an introduction to: Payroll procedures, electronic spreadsheet applications, financial literacy, business math, computerized accounting, QuickBooks, office skills and keyboarding compentency. Students will be placed in an externship for a minimum of 120 unpaid hours in a business office setting. Case management services are provided as are job placement assistance and support. A comprehensive soft skills sequence is included in this program. If there is an ESL component to this program; the students will earn college credits. This program is not Pell Grant Eligible. For more information you may contact Amy Steere at: Phone 401-456-8902, Fax 401-456-8582, Email, Website:

Cost: $5500

Duration: 24 Weeks

Phone: 401-456-8902

End Date: 4/30/2021

Credential Earned: An industry-recognized certificate or certification